Hello SOLO, would you please help us find our new rental home in Ripon?


We're Will, Louise and Paint. 

Will and Louise
Paint Love

We love Ripon and North Yorkshire and want a 2-3-bedroom rental property (preferably unfurnished) within close proximity to town, cafes and bars, etc. 

The property would ideally have a garden and off-street parking (but not deal-breakers). Ground floor apartments are fine, if you have open-minded landlords. We don't mind quirky, or a bit different. 🙂 Definitely character though.  

Target dates for us are between 15 and 31 July but can be later. 

Our budget is up to £950 pcm but ideally around £850

Will is 53, a brand strategist and writer who works from home. Louise is 51, and is a senior legal assistant. Paint is Will's shadow, a small, incredibly quiet (NEVER barks), well-behaved, 4-year old, house trained dog (see bullet points below).

We have renters/landlord insurance but have never had to use it.  

We're happy to pay 6-months in advance (and then every 6-months) and can sign 12-months initially but are hoping to stay in our next rental for 2 - 3 years before buying as cash buyers.

We have good references (see links below) and Will can supply character/work references. There are plenty on the pages of this web site too. 

Why even "no pets" landlords welcome Paint with open arms:

  • He is house trained
  • He is never left at home alone
  • He sleeps in a closed crate at night
  • He does not dig or scratch
  • He never barks - ever 
  • He has at least 3 walks a day - we don’t have an enclosed garden where we are in Stamford, Lincolnshire 
  • He is super-chilled and friendly - everyone who meets him loves him  
  • He is welcome in many bars, restaurants and retail stores in Stamford 
  • His owners treat homes like their own and get carpets professionally cleaned after finishing a lease
  • He is cleaner and better behaved than your average 15-year old.

We are open, honest and respectful people who treat rentals like our own place. We'd be grateful if you'd help us find our next rental property and we'd be happy to buy a nice bottle of wine for the agent who signs us and the landlord too. 


Will, Louise & Paint

[email protected]

0798 495 6407

PS: Louise lived in Ripon as a child when her dad was an officer in the Army. We're moving to Ripon from Stamford to be closer to family. 

LANDLORD REFERENCES (Click the red named links to open)

>> Heidi Heddings

>> Jo Watkins

>> Ray Wolff