Hire me if you value your time and can't afford to get it wrong

For ambitious owners and marketers...other than group coaching and masterminds, I work with a limited number of clients each month. That way I can spend more time solving problems and delivering high-quality outcomes. 

There are many moving parts in business, which is why I recommend we start with a strategy session or two to see what's working and what can work better for you. If something isn't working, we'll fix it. We'll soon discover what will quickly move your growth dial too. 

The results from this approach are compounding, giving you the confidence to create new goals. 

I often charge a flat fee for this type of project work. This is good for both of us. You know the fee upfront, and can feel confident that I'm invested in your business and will work with you until we achieve your goals. And it's good for me because I can be fully engaged to deliver my best work without an eye on my next client.  

If you only need copywriting services, I started my advertising career as a copywriter and have never stopped writing. View my services to see the ways I can help you.

Whilst I don't charge by the hour, you'll always know (and need to approve) the investment upfront. This approach is similar to "Immersion" (below).

You can engage me other ways too... 

Work With Will 1

Ways to work with me

My involvement can vary depending on your needs and if you work with other partners. Engaging me at the Seed or Strategy stage is always beneficial. But I can jump in wherever you need me. 

Some of my clients work with me as and when needed, on an ad-hoc basis. This is not an ideal approach because the best results come from ongoing input. The longer we work together, the greater my depth of knowledge about your business and the better the outcomes.

Most of my clients work with me for 6-18 months; some for 5-10+ years. That's because they enjoy the results of our work together. And they know that marketing is a never-ending process, or a perfect science. But when we work closely together, we can see what's working for your business and audience and keep building on that.

Check out my Services for more info. 

  • Project

  • Campaign

  • Immersion

Typically one-off but often leads from project to project

With this type of engagement I can work with your existing suppliers or handle all aspects of the project.


Once you engage me

Once we have defined the scope of engagement, I'll look at the best approach, based on your desired outcomes. This is the process I generally follow:

  • Brief and Discuss

  • Scope and Quote

  • Work, Approve and Launch

  • Review and Iterate

Get started

After we chat on the phone or via Zoom, I'll ask you to complete my creative brief about your business and what you want to achieve. We’ll then arrange a time to discuss your responses and to fill in any blanks where necessary. This attracts a £350 fee because it's important to get this right and you'll likely gain some good insights from a fresh, outside-in view. 

Here's a testimonial from professional funny guy, writer, actor, Rhys Darby (Flight of the Conchords, What we do in the Shadows, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Jumanji franchise, etc). I worked on Rhys' strategy, website and social media.

Everything starts with a conversation 

I use Zoom for meetings. (We don't have to use video.) Book a chat with me here...

If you'd prefer to connect in other ways...