Where Strategy meets Creativity

I specialise in Strategy, Concepts and Copywriting. When necessary, I work with a trusted team of clever designers, media buyers, web developers and programmers. People hire me to help them with:

  • New positioning or repositioning their brand
  • Strategic and creative copywriting
  • Brand story development
  • Key messages creation
  • A new or redeveloped website copy
  • Ongoing content/copywriting for blogs, etc
  • Creative concepts
  • A company and/or marketing/brand audit 
  • A new or revised business strategy
  • A new or refreshed brand strategy
  • A new or updated marketing or content strategy
  • A new or updated marketing plan
  • Capture or create Culture
  •  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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I'm presently working on my product range to group and simplify a number of the above services.  Let me know if you want early access. 

business life stages

What's your company's life stage?

There are different ways to communicate with your audience, which will depend on your company’s life stage and where your prospects and customers are in their journeys with you.

This is important because each company life stage and customer journey brings a different set of challenges. So you need to marry the right messages to the right stages in your customers' journeys with you. 

Typical company life stages include: 

  • Concept and Start up
  • Growth
  • Maturity
  • Decline
  • Rebirth or Death

Within those life stages this is what a typical new customer journey looks like:  

  • Awareness / Attention

  • Investigate / Consider

  • Choose / Buy

  • Service / Retain

Potential ways to connect

Digital Touch points:
Search Engine Optimisation, Paid Advertising, Newsletter, Social Media.

Physical Touch points:
PR, Radio, TV, Print.

When you marry your company's life stage with your customers' journey stages (and a little alchemy), it makes it a little easier to know which concepts and messages will engage your audience. It's not rocket science but a considered approach can make all the difference to your bottom line. 

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Nigel Thomson

We enjoyed working with Will, tremendously.

Will quickly understood the market we operate in and the style of communication we wanted to portray. His work was current, well researched and mostly self driven on our behalf, which worked very well. Thank you Will for all you have done for Fifo Capital.

NIGEL THOMSON  //  CEO, Fifo Capital