Fearless is Will Roffé and friends.

My vision is to help others realise theirs. I have been creating solutions that achieve business targets (under the Fearless banner) since 2002, and for 10-years before that working inside multinational ad agencies. Since inception, and long before it became fashionable, I have run a progressive and entrepreneurial business model with an external team of freelancers and contractors that are relevant and flexible.

Around 75% of my clients hire just me but they like that I have the support of a trusted team when necessary.

I'm a storyteller and business transformer
The reason my work resonates is because I'm your customers’ biggest advocate. I understand people and their needs and desires. So I work to make every experience meaningful, so you can build long-term, win-win relationships.

Fearless goes beyond creating “things” to creatively and strategically building solutions that are designed to achieve business targets and fearless success. 

My team and I believe in:

  • Investing our clients' money wisely
  • Always asking ‘what if?’ and ‘why?’ questions
  • Using creativity to solve problems and sell stuff, not show off
  • Using free media first, then paid
  • Ensuring every communication represents the brand
  • Improving the customer experience at every touch point
  • Team -- collaboration is a powerful potion
  • The power of strategy, creativity, words and media working in perfect harmony
  • Being fair and providing fanatical customer service.

The Fearless Kiwi story

Will Roffé woke up one day realising the advertising industry he loved became increasingly run by accountants. (That's the last time I write in third-person.) My accountant's great, just not at the helm of a creative agency.  

Strategy, creativity and relationships were paying second fiddle to greed and profits. And as a result, clients were not receiving the quality of work they were paying for. To be fair, many clients were increasingly (and sometimes unnecessarily) challenging budgets and/or chasing shiny objects. And agencies wanted to maintain their profit margins to their offshore overlords. None of this sat well with me. 

Innovation stems from being unhappy with the status quo.

With the Internet still in its infancy, my vision in 1994 was to create a progressive, virtual business model that would give clients access to an eclectic mix of thinking and skills from around the globe, as well as meeting different budgets levels.

No longer would location be a limitation. There would be no lengthy contracts that were hard to exit. You'd either love the work and relationship and continue working together, or you wouldn't and could exit rather painlessly.

Clients could then tap into great minds, anywhere. This flexible team, made up of expert marketing communications, advertising, design, and technology specialists, would provide high quality work and shorter delivery times through a 24-hour operation. 

This vision was realised when I launched Fearless in March 2002. I would have launched sooner but with the exception of a few early adopter clients, it took many years for my approach to be accepted and embraced. And then copied. 

Since launching, all of my clients have enjoyed distance relationships (which saves a lot of time). I recently moved home base from Wellington, New Zealand to Stamford, United Kingdom, where I work with my team to service clients around the globe. 

The team

My team comes from many different disciplines and countries in both hemispheres. Our core strength is in developing strategic-based, creative solutions that develop lasting relationships and deliver tangible results.  

Will Roffé
Director / Creative & Strategic Director

I started my working life as a banker before joining the film industry in Sydney, working hard to become a writer/producer. (I know, my left and right brain often joust for ultimate supremacy.) I was then marketing manager for an outdoor clothing company where I set up their successful direct marketing operation and made them really wealthy. 

I then graduated from New Zealand’s prestigious Axis AdSchool in 1992. Over the following 10-years, I worked throughout Australasia as a copywriter, creative director, creative strategist, and executive creative director at agencies: Saatchi & Saatchi, McCan-Erickson, Colenso, Mindspace, Frank, Ogilvy, and Lavender.

On the side, I have been a founder and investor in startups including a successful SaaS company which sold to a VC firm.

I believe business is a force for good. When you balance purpose and profit, you'll look after all your stakeholders, and be on a better path to sustained profitability. That way you can make a real impact on your goals. Seeing this in action is why I enjoy working with driven and passionate people who want to make life better for their staff, suppliers, communities, planet and shareholders. 

I always try to operate in a sustainable environment. I recycle waste, make positive business and environment choices, and my energy is 100% renewable. Plus my energy supply company plants five trees each year on my behalf, which is nice.

Tel / WhatsApp (UK): +44 (0)798 495 6407
Email: [email protected]


It can sometimes be a struggle to get strong minded and talented creative and analytical people on the same page. What helps cut through any differences is having similar values and trusting you want the same things. Trust is the foundation of all relationships. When everything aligns, great work and results will follow.” 

Will Roffé

Fearless Mission

Transform genuinely good brands and highly driven people into purpose-driven leaders that operate fearlessly.

Fearless Values

Fearless is a catalyst for transformation -- people, businesses, communities and the planet. Success comes from having the right combination of people, culture, services and products.

I live by a set of values which are often closely aligned with clients I work with:

  • Be passionately curious; always ask 'what if?' questions
  • Never settle; strive for excellence to deliver Wow
  • Be open minded; look deeper to drive change
  • Be authentic and real with people
  • Consistently deliver value through a great work ethic.

If you decide to work with me, you can check out my professional indemnity and public liability insurances here.

Will is a great team player and motivator, who gets things done. 

Will has an excellent understanding of digital life and has great strategies and ideas for online and offline worlds.

He is a digital specialist but is grounded in the knowledge of all other forms of media. This is really important in the digital age moving forward; as his knowledge and experience allow him to see the wood from the trees.

MIKE WILSON  //  Head of Digital Engagement, Vodafone NZ

Will creates Copy you Feel.

Crowne Plaza Auckland worked with Will Roffé on creating copy for our hotel positioning and descriptions to be used on websites and other collateral. We felt well taken care of, with Will guiding us throughout the process. We especially liked Will's ability to work with the senior management team, either face-to-face in focus groups or over the phone to complete the project, which has been smooth. He captured all nuances of our vision and translated it onto paper during the given time frame. We were so impressed we then engaged Will to work with our Holiday Inn properties in Auckland and Rotorua.

FRANCK HESSE  //  Area Director of Sales & Marketing, InterContinental Hotel Group

Fearless Kiwi Limited is registered in England and Wales. Company number 13614130.

Registered office: Amelia House, Crescent Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN11 1RL.