I help transform purpose-driven people and brands into fearless leaders. 

What I do

I'm a creative strategist & strategic copywriter. 

With over 25-years of experience, I help transform genuinely good brands and highly driven people into purpose-driven leaders that operate fearlessly.

I do this by combining inspired strategies with creative solutions and expert copywriting, to build strong relationships with your audiences and become a force for good in your world. 


Focussing on short-term performance often leads to poor decision making.
Quick results are satisfying but creating strategies focused on long-term growth will give you the best return on investment, in the short and long term.


Innovation and creativity are the keys to growing business. To effectively compete against your competitors, you need to start with the fountain of creativity - your customers. Some of the greatest ideas come from your audience.

My approach

Brands need to be nurtured at all life stages. I've been building purpose-driven brands for over 25-years. People choose brands that resonate with their values. This is why your business and mine need to be a good fit.  

why I do what I do

Achieve your goals together

I'm skilled at helping people and businesses to make a great impression and a positive, lasting impact that promotes growth. My vision, for as long as I can remember, has been to help others realise theirs. Why? I believe in the dreamers and doers - those who make positive change happen for their families, employees, communities, and beyond. They deserve experienced guides to help light the way so they can shine bright and positively impact more people. I think good people in business have the power to change lives. 

I'm a storyteller and business transformer

The reason my work resonates is that I am your customers’ biggest advocate. By making every connection and experience with your brand meaningful, you’ll build long-term, win-win relationships. 

I recently moved Fearless' home base from Wellington, New Zealand to Stamford, United Kingdom, where I service clients around the globe. 

A selection of clients I have worked with throughout my career


Kind client words

Rhys darby 

Actor & Comedian , U.S.A & NZ

Will is a fantastic guy. He worked on my strategy, website and social media and did an amazing job. We got to know the guy and he’s an awesome, reliable, genuinely funny, and thoughtful, thought-provoking specimen.

Will has a huge amount of experience in advertising and computer wizardry stuff, which means he can turn your brands into more successful ones using his amazing Jedi mind tricks. 

nicholas baker

CEO, Star Insurance Specialists, NZ

We have worked with Will Roffé for the past 10-years. He is an expert creative strategist, strategic copywriter and ideas generator. He created our successful brand strategy before working on our suite of insurance products along with developing and writing our corporate brand story, website, ad campaigns and more.

If you need strategy, ideas, and/or the written word, Will should be your go-to person. He understands people and how to connect with them using the right language, tone and ideas.